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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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metro platform and didn't injure anyone. the debris shut down the farragut station overnight. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: d.c. transportation work crews were out on connecticut avenue near k street in downtown washington thursday faching roadway median. jackhammers here wednesday around 5:00 jarred loose portions of metro'srans it ceiling in the farragut north station around connecticut avenue. no one was injured. the ceiling has now been patched th plywood but some riders are still concerned. >> i was talking about all of the metro's problems. >> it is obvious they have a lot of maintenance and reconstruction to do. a tough time and resources are tight. i do believe in the system and i hope they can get it together. >> i remember when they built it and it was supposed to be state-ofhe-art.
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the center between k and l streets is being ripped up for future median strip tree block. it will discourage jay walking. but they misrepresented how deep workers can dig. >> it looked like the drawing we were provided may have been incomplete. so it is not really anybody's fault. >> d-dot and metro engineers to meet friday to assess the street and ceiling situation. the metro repair will take time. >> we do expect it will take several weeks to make median repairs. now to a developing story this evening. another big corruption bust in our area. this time in washington. the executive in charge of a nonprofit accused of taking more than a half million dollars meant for children and using it to gamble. >> reporter: good afternoon. deral authorities today
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arrested the executive director here. keely, district boxing and youth center. he's been accused of wire fraud. authorities are saying that he took $506,000 in public money for government money in 2004 and used it for gambling. according to court records, he received about $1.4 million in government funding sie 2004. that money was supposed to be for this gym that is for at risk youth in the communicate. instead, he took $506,000 of that for himself. they say he used the debit card to get money. about $150,000 in cash. while he was on vir just cruises and also at the casino in atlantic city. the gym is still operating here in nohwest washington out of the elementary school. but it has an uncertain future. >> at this point, it is very nice. the youth center. right now we are going through a
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little difficult at this time but we would like to see the gym remain open. we have kids. 37 kids here. on an average day. and there is no need to put them out in the coldhem don't he nowhere else to go. >> according to court records, thompson confessed to at least some of these crime. he apparently told the fbi agent that he intended to pay some money back. but theyay in court records that he did not. he said i used the money in the wrong way. i've done and it i can't change it. again, he was arrested today. he did appear in d.c. superior court and he was released on his own recognizance to go through his home. he is due back in court in december. reporting live, back to you. >> thank you. new clues in connection to th body found in a box dumped along i-70 in frederick. police have issued an arrest warrant for this machine. is wanted for murder.
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he was found in the box along the side of the road. he died of a gunshot wound. no word yet on a motive. a veteran school bus driver is accused of showing inappropriate picres to students. now, she is resigned. this all is happening at a.g. wright middle school in stafford county. elaine i live to tell us what led up to the drive's decision to indicate quits. >> reporter: she is described as a veteran bus drir, trans porgt kids all day from stafford county's elementary school, middle and high schools. >> we don't expect this sort of thing. and of course, we would take action and we did take action immediately. wednesday morning, parent and some middle school students went to the principal with a complaint. their children had allegedly seen some racy photographs on the school bus. shown to them by their bus driver the parents call it porn. but the driver resigned hours
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later, before a full investigation took ace. >> i can only address what the students say they saw. we had not seen the photographs. but the children are describing it as pornographic. >> reporter: we reached out to the bus drive and she is not coming on the case, othe adce of her attorney. her friends and fellow bus drivers say her side of the story needs to get out. they told us off camera but on the record that the bus drive was forced to resign. her friends said the drive only let the kids see a photograph of a new puppy on her cell phone. then the kids took her phone and went through it on their own. >> it is my understanding that she did voluntarily resign. so however it happened, it apparently happened. >> reporter: administrators trefrd case to the sheriff's office and child protective services. a parent we spoke to was concerned but did not sh to judgment.
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>> i would have to say the butt service, they are very upstanding. so i wouldope this would definitely be something that is unusual. if you're with kids y should not have stuff that could be compromised to th. today the middle school sent a letterome with students to let them know what happened. the use of maryland police are investigating a strong armed robbery on campus. happened around 11:30 last night in the parking garage. police tell us a woman was walking down t stairs when a man came up behind her and implied he had a weapon and robbed her. she hand over her cell phone and student i.d. card. the robber ran away. in the chandra levy murder trial, jurors spending a second day on the fate of the case. they deberated six hours yesterday and again today no, verdict.
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today's deliberations were delayed because of unusually long securitylines outde the d.c. superior court. we'll start with pat collins who has been there throughout this trl. >> reporter: no verdict but some unexpected excitement here at superior court a short time ago. there was a fire alarm. a false alarm that caused them to clear out the whole security court building. and then this morning, a security ramp-up caused long lines to get into the court. and a delay of about 45 minutes in the deliberation of the guandique jury. we're to, a short time ago they found some gaps in security at d.c. superior court. so they tightened up the screening methods and that resulted in the long lines and the delay in the deliberations here this morning. nine women, three men. they did about five hours of deliberation today. questions no, notes, no verdict. you have to remember, they sat
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through ten days of trial, testimony by 47 witnesses. so there's a lot to consider here. deliberations continue tomorrow morning. 9:30. back to you. >> thanks, pat. of course, no one knows how long the jury will deliberate. it could be one more day, one more week. theanel has a lot of testimony and evidence to evaluate. our live team coverage continues now with chris gordon at the courthouse. chris, you're an attorney. this jury has been deliberang again for two days now. in your experience, what does that tell you if anything? >> that the jury isorking very hard to reach a unanimous verdict. whether they find guandique guilty or not guilty, they have to, all 12 agree on a verdict. if even one disagrees, it could be a hung jury and no one wants that. they have a lot of circstantial evidence. it is in the jury room. they're looking at it. they're going over it. there are a lot of thing they
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don't have. no dna evidence. no murder weap. no official cause of death and no eyewitnesses. so they also may go over the testimony. do you have other questions? >> yes. how important is the testimony of armando morales? guandique's fmer cell mate who testified that guandique confessed to killing levy? >> reporter: his credi sbilt of utmost iortancto the prosecutioin this case. it is uncorroborated. they did not call another jail mate of, who was in thejail to corroborate the testimony of morales. the defense attacked him saying basicay, he made up a story from news accounts. when was important, he talked about guandue admitting that he had stolen a fanny pack from his ictim.
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and it turns out that chandra levy was wearing a fanny pack the day she had disappeared. she d been seen wearing and it none was found at the crime scene or in her dupont circle apartment. back to you. >> what role could former congressman gary condit play? do you that this could have a significant role in this? >> reporter: it already has. the defense called him and that he acts like guilty ma that he appeared angry. he didn't want to talk about his personal relationship with chandra levy. what the defense needs to do is kree smat reasonable doubt. point to some other person other than ingmar guandique and gary condit just might be that person. >> at the end of guy in deliberations. chris gordon at the courthouse for us. thank you. let's ta a look at our weather. we've d some change in the air. a little cooler today th it was yesterday but still, not too bad out there. not too bad considering that
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we really have not had any rely cold days with highs in the 40s. i think those will be in the forecaster to next couple of days. we are on the cool side. we have men cloud cover as the system is trying to make its way through the system. maybe a sprinkle or two here or there but that's about it. the current temperature, 52 degrees. wind out of the west northwest. we saw a gust of wind to 21 at the airport this past hour. so a little on the cool side especially when you cnsider that we are dealing with some breezy conditions. 48ight now in sterling. 48 in fred richblg 47 toward hagerstown. down to the south and east, quantico and la plata restaurant 51 to 52 degrees. what are we seeing outside? here come that cloud cover and a few showers. most are dying out as they make their way east of the mountains. very cool outthere. we will see a cool, if not cold night tonight. and then over the next couple days, some big changes. by 9:, 46 degrees. 44 by 11:00. and by the time you wake up, between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., a
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very chilly start. temperatures in the upper 30s. some areas, most areas will be in the low to ddle 30s throughout the day. i'll have the weekend forecast. plus, what's in store for thanksgiving week? some major changes are oming. >> that's never good. thank you. prudence william county police now say it was a drunk drive that crashed into that home in wood bridge after midnight in the 15000 block of alabama avenue. a family wa inswlid the nissan sentra came rough the wall. the 23-year-old driver, according to police, was speeding. everyone got out safely. the dry was charged with dwi and he happens to live on the same street. two months after that hostage ordeal shut down discovery's headquarters in silver spring, maryland, the discovery garden will reopen. the public garden was shut down after the incident on september 1. a gunman stormed into the ilding's lobby, you'll recall, and held three people hostage before being shot and killed by
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police. now the park will reopen during daylight hours, only on weekends. according to an agreement with montgomery county, the garden must be open to the public because it is the only green blic space in downtown silver spring. an encouraging study on autism. it suggests children with that condition can be cured. researchers in phoenix followed 14 autistic youngsters who participated in intense therapy. 40 hours a weak for three years. in the end, scientists said six of the 14 children beat their condition. this comes as good news to people who have looked forward to to have some kind of breakthrough treatment. how, doctors are skeptical there is actually a cure for autism. and an experimental cholesterol ug is apparently showing results. it can reduce bad cholesterol by
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40% and boost good cholesterol by 50% when people took with it other statins. researchers in boston led the company. one scientist calle it jaw-dropping. we should mentionthe research is being funded by the drug's manufacturer merck. a larger clinical trial is planned. >>the latest chapter in the wildly popular harry potter series is about to hit the big screen. "harry potter and the deathly hallows" opens nationwide at midnight. this is the seventh film in the popular series. the previousix are collectively the top grossing films, frn chizs worldwide. some very excited fans have already begun lining up. you can imagine everyone lines up there. it is the first part of the two-part series finale. the second part is set to open next summer.
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we had a good day on wall street. the dow closed up 173 points. the nasdaq close think up 38 points. the s&p 500 up 38 points. we love it when it is up. we love talking to cnbc headquarters here in washington. it was a good day. we can thank gm for this, i understand. >> absolutely. weighed big rally. all three major markets were up. the dow d the s&p 500, best days in two weeks. the tech heavy nasdaq had its biggest day. gm was the driving force. you can actually seewall street and main street. it is a succs story. we heard president obama talk about it. they go from bankruptcy and massive layoffs to profitability and returning to the markets. all three u.s. auto companies now are profitable for the first time in six years, saving thousands of manufacturing jobs and taxpayers are likely to get
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repaid a lot of the billions in ose bailouts of gm in particular. >> will that come from the okay? is that how that will work? >> yes, in part. because you know, the treasury department and therefore, the u.s. taxpayers, we are stockholders in the new gm treasury is selling portions of the stock that it holds as part of the ipo. i had, as a matter of fact, between the paybacks and the stock ipo sales today, treasury has recouped about $28 billion of the $50illion that it took to bailout gm. so they hope to get the rest of that back over time. if gm is profitable. but a big down payment was in fact made today >> what about these new claim for unemployment? it wasn't the best. is there some good news in that report that it was not too bad? >> absolutely. the new number for unemployment
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were up. 439,000 adjusted. the real story is we've now had the four-week moving average on those jobless claim falling to its lowest level since septemr of 2008. so more than two years ago. again, not a big rise in the weekly number. the four-week moving average, moving down. >> good to see you there at cnbc headquarters up the street. the sun has set and the nights are getting cooler. how low will we get tonight? >> we'll get fairly cool. make sure you have those jackets out. the temperature willip into the low to middle 30s. out there now, 52 degrees. the winds out of the west northwest at about 12 miles an hour. they're gusting 15 to 20 in some locations. that makes it feel even cooler.
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what will they be seeing? here are the low temperatures. at about 34 in frederick. 39 in napolis. 35 down to the south in fredericksburg. and warrenton coming in about 34 degrees. a very chilly start to your friday morning. we had a little system that moves through the area. still trying to move through. maybe an isolated sprinkle or two but most of those are now out of the yafrl just dealing with some cloud cover behind that. with those clouds, we'll see some clearing skies. something else that's going on. the jet stream pattern. a big dip in the jet stream. all way down toward the southeast coast. althe way down toward the southeast through atlanta. that's where the jet stream is. some very cold air in behind or at least cool air. 38 right now in chicago. 29 in minneapolis. 43 in st. louis and 45 in cincinnati. that cool air will move into our region during the day tomorrow. so it will be a very cool start a cool ternoon as well. temperatures will be about five degrees below average. that's really not too bad for
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this time of year as long as w have sunshine. with high pressure dominating, we will see plenty of sunshine and light winds. not a bad day on your friday. just expect it to be a little bit cool on. saturday, a cold front will move through the region. will stay to the north. that will allow to us see mild temperature during the day on turday. it highs will be above average once again with the high close to 60 degrees in many locations. most areas in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. right now, saturday looking good. that front will move through on saturday night and cool thing off oncegain for the day on sunday. but no real cold air in the forecast just yet. but that's going to change as well. this evening, mostly cloudy. possible sprinkles here and there. a chilly breeze. 49 to 53 degrees. winds out of the west at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. maybe some gusts, upwards of 20 miles an hour. clearing skies overnight into tomorrow morning. a chilly morning. and a bit breezy. 31 to 38 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. that would put windchills in the upper 30s.
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definite with the jackets and coats, maybe the hats and skavsz, the mitten and the bloofz as well. a chilly friday morning. tomorrow afternoon, a cool day. breezy early. 54 degrees. wis out of the west at five to ten. here the next couple days. saturday looking great and then cooler on sunday. a high of 52. 62 on your monday. and then guys, watch this. a chance of showers tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. and right now, watching the potential for a big stm coming up on thanksgiving. >> wow! the feathers are fluttering there. perhaps soggy, too. >> that could be quite ugly. coming up, is your boss to blame for distracted drivers on the road? plus, bed bug found at a local college campus. giving cheaters a second chance. students who are caught breaking the rule. >> i'm liz crenshaw. tricks of the trade f
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test test. test. test test. test. test test. test test. "access llywood" test. hosting tnksgiving dinner is a big deal and it often come with a lot of ressful. >> here's some tricks of the trade. >> reporte we're here at stratford university with the chef. welcome back. >> thank you. >> reporter: we've got
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thanksgiving tricks of the trade to -- >> make your thanksgiving less stressful and much easier. >> reporter: where will we start? >> the turkey. we've taken out the breast bone and the back bone. butterflied it. >> reporter: i don't know how to get the bones out. >> your butcher can do it for you. we're going to tie them up. it's been about an hour and a half. >> reporter: he's done. >> wee eliminated half the trauma here. now the carving will be simple because there are no bone. wow! no bones. you just slice straight down. >> straight down through. >> reporter: the next panic for thanksgiving is lumps in the gravy. >> the trick is to make a proper roux. get your fat nice and hath hot and then add an equal. a flour. then strain it >> reporter: boring brussel sprouts? not with this trick. >> cut them in half. we'll roast the onions first and
5:25 pm
then add the brussel sprouts in. >> reporter: about 20 minutes? >> about 20 minutes. just drizzle themwith a little balsamic. >> reporter: cranberry sauce from the can. >> no, the trick is to usefresh cranberries. we'll add the garlic and the ginger. just let that become a little flagrant. and then the cranberries can go in. >> reporter: fresh cranberries just rinse. >> just rinse. we'll wait for them to start bursting and it is done. >> reporter: chef, this looks dangerous. what is it? >> a professional food mill. you can buy an inexpensive one. the trick to making lump-free potatoes. >> reporter: lump-free for thanksgiving. >> add your well drained potatoes. >> reporter: and start spinning. >> now for dessert, white chocolate pumpkin moose. no crust. and make it the day before.
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>> and it is this white chocolate, a can of pumpkin, and heavy cream. i want to you kilt, foal in whip cream, put in it some gasses and do it the day before. >> smells like thanksgiving. >> just as good as mom's. a little bit of preplanning, stress-free thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> did he that all in 2 1/2 minutes. >> yes, i know. >> he know h to get rid of those lumps. >> i think it is better than mom' you can find the full recipes at nbc when we come back, playing it safe. the new list of potentially dangerous toys for parents to watch out for as he head out for holiday shopping. arrest in the connection with prin george's county corruption scandal. a push to get leslie johnson arrested. and one of the most
5:27 pm
expensive schools in the country. now it's home to bed bugs. i'm john schriffen here at george whington university. and urging parishioners to sign off from facebook. why a pastor says the move could save your marriage. [ mawith fios,er ] you can start a movie in here... ♪ ...then continue it over here... ♪ ...and finish it up here.
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parents are willing to pay top dollar for this school. it is one of the top in the country. >> george washington is make news because of a shocking discery of bed bugs on campus that many students didn't even know about. john schriffen is live in the newsroom with the story. s. >> the school says it has treated most of the bed bug cases popped up but many of the students had nodea they were on campus at all. >> it is scary how close to home it is. >> reporter: bed bugs have crawled their way into one o the most expensive schools in the countr according to george washington university, over the course of the fall semester, there have been six confirm cases of bed bugs in five residence hall buildings across campus. >> i didn't know that. >> just hearing all aout it on the news. like how difficult they are to get rid of. >> reporter: g.w. costs about
5:31 pm
$54,000 for students living in school housing. they say four cases have been treated with two remaining cases that should be taken care of by next week. while they would not say which dos have been infested, according to the school newspaper, these creepy citizeners were found in amsterdam hall. kim brly lives there. >> a lot of people thought this is a situation that is a problem in new york city with bed bugs in movie theaters but it is kind of hitting close to home right now. people are not happy about it. >> reporter: george washington university refused an on camera interview but in a statement to ws4 it said, george washington university takes rorts of bed bugs seriously. we continue numerous efforts to educate students about bed bugs. it goes on to say, when a case isreported, gw staff performs an inspection. if bed bugs are confirmed, treatment will begin immediately. one student who has friends who lived in an infested dorm said the school needs to do more like put students up in a hotel while the dorm is being treated. >> you can't have bed bugs in a
5:32 pm
student dorm. they evacuated it for a day throughout the day period. then put the kids back. in i don'think that's acceptable. you cannot do that. >> we also reached out to georgetown university, american university, catholic university, university of maryland, a well as howard university to see if they were having similar issues. all applied saying there are no confirmed cases of bed bugs on their respective campus this is fall. jim? wendy? >> they sprd so fast. john schriffen with the story. a an to give cheaters a second chance is upsetting some parents in fairfax county of the principal is allowing teacher to decide whether to let a student, students who cheat take the test over again. the principal says cheating is a disciplinary problem, not an action dem ig one. this is the same school doing away with the "f" letter grade. so doubted students caught cheating should be allowed to retake their test? we've set up a poll on our facebook and twitter pages.
5:33 pm
here are a few comments. learning that consequences are sometimes permanent is a good lesson. anna wroe, at the very least the child should fail the test and drop a letter grade. and jessica wrote in saying, i think they should be allowed to retake the test because my guess would be, if they took the test, they would fail the test anyway. federal court hearings just wrapped up tonight for a prince george's county man thafrl both charged in that sprawling corruption investigation that has targeted other officers and maryland liquor store owners. derrick ward is at the u.s. district court with the latest on this. >> reporter: two of thethree prince george's county police officers who were arrested monday were here in federal court in green belt for detention hearings. bo those hearings were postponed. the officers do remain in jail. the courtroom was packed with fellow officers and family members in support of them. ile the charges have yet to be
5:34 pm
proven, it is prompting the police chief near prince george's county to order some close scrutiny the way officers moonlited jobs when they are off duty. >> today's scheduled court appearance for officer richard delabrer was post poentd until next month. it led to the freeze or forfeit you are of assets. and they say it is challenging for him to pay his legal fees. >> y. it is. >> reporter: what do you expect to be able to work out? >> i don't know yet. i just got retained yesterday. and there a lot of information to be gathered. >> reporter: is this a man that should be detained until trial or released? he should be released. >> reporter: he and another officer were involved in a scheme to move untaxed liquor and cigarettes in virginia and maryland. prince george's county business owner melhi was also indicted. the federal investigators alleged the officers used their authority to escort and help
5:35 pm
distribute the goods. outside the federal courthouse in greenbelt, the brother was critical of the pole chief's comments earlier, condemning the actions alleged in the indictment. >> you saw the press conference. >> reporter: while the officers' arrests and other arrests came close on the heel of the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife, the federal authorities are not denying, nor are they confirming a connection. they're only affirming this sweep oforruption in the county is yet to be over. and police chief roberto hilton has announced his panel to be created looked at secondary employment where police officers are now ready to get the work. he is asking them to take a close look at thos rules to see if there are any change that need to be recommended. >> derrick, thank you. >> leslie johnson's involvement
5:36 pm
has prompted an effort to keep her off the prince george's county council. she was just elected to represent the county's sixth district. but some residents there sshe has brought shame on the district. they're circulating an online petition that they plan to send to state lawmaker. if she doesn't take her post, e county council will have to call for a special election. the consumer product safety commission has its new toy safety warnings ahead of the holiday shopping season. parents are urged to get only toys that are age appropriate. that mean watching out for toys that can break apart in a small piece. that cates choking hazards. especially for young children. they also say proper supervision during play time is crucial. more than half of toy-related deaths last year involving riding toys. >> you can ride into a pool or a pond and drown very easily. don't drive a bicycle and leave the helmet in the store. buy a helmet so their head will be otected.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: then recalls have helped reduce toy-related deaths but toy-related injuries went up putting more than 100,00 kids in the e.r. when we come back, she took a swing and got her point across. fists go flying in argentina's parliament. find out what set off this law school they say you have to suffer for style. not anymore. women are going under the knife to fit into those trendy high heels.
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a lawmaker throws aow blow in argentina. more women are opting for foot surgery to fit into their high heels. all stories that make you say what? thing got physical yesterday in the upper house of parliament in argentina. watch this. thhouse speaker was speaking about the budget with some emotion. then opposition lawmaker, there she is. didn't like what he said and slapped him in the mouth. she was is a ta bad angle to deliver force with her blow but she gave him a pretty solid whack. she said later that she would not allow anyone to show a lack have respectful she could face sanctions for slapping her colleague. a pastor in new jersey is urging parishioners sign off facebook because according to him, too many meers are using it to reconnect with their old
5:41 pm
lovers. he said deleting your facebk account can save your marriage. the paor plans to preach about this on sunday and he is deleting his facebook account. some would call it the price of beauty. others might say it is going o far. some people are having surgery just to be able to fit comfortably into a pair of high heels. a foot tuck takes fat from your mid section and inserts it into the flat pad of your feet giving you extrapadding. sometimes it involve shortening your toes. you should know american podiatrists don't endorse this surgery. that's painful to thin about. still ahead in sports, the skins prepare to meet the titans. >> reporter: even with all the
5:42 pm
focus on teching while driving, often it is the boss on the other end of the line. i'll tell you about a pledge some local company are making. coming up, federal agents have busted somebaggage handlers who wereaccused of taking cash from air travellers and breaking the rules. also, a virginia group is making a plea to the governor to reconsider a plan to put high occupancy toll lane on 395. and we'll tell you where holiday shoppers can park for free.
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six cases have bed bugs found in the underground dorms. they're not saying which dorms have been affected but four cases have already been fully treated. the remaining two should be completed by next week. fairfax county parents are upset about a school's plan to give students who cheat a second chance. the principal of west potomac high school wants teachers to dede if cheating students should be allowed to retake a test. the old policy was just a factor in a score of zero to your grade point average. the principal says cheating is a disciplinary proem. not an academic one. a court hearing for the officer charged in a federal corruption probe has been postponed until next month. a lawyer for the sergeant said his client is having trouble paying his legal fees because his assets have been frozen or forfeited. new research out tonight
5:46 pm
shows the number of virginia drivers using their cell phones on the beltway is up. >> about half those drivers say they're calling or texting about work. >> reporter: younow, when the boss calls, employees usually pick up, sometimes even when they're vigating the construction zone. a new effort just launched today ames to change that and reduce the number of distracted drivers. when the road up ahead looks ke this, dotted with orange barrels and cone, if you will of lane shifts, then this is a very bad idea. but a a of an a survey just discovered even on the virginia beltway's hot lane construction zone, distracted driving is on e increase. >> cell phone use while driving is still on the rise. >> reporter: the survey shows one in three drivers talk on a hands-free ll. slightly more use a hand-held.
5:47 pm
perhaps even more worry some, almost one in four readsexts while rolling along the belt way, up from 15% a year ago. also, those who write teskes. 13%. half say they're responding to work issues. the new orange con pledge is an effort to save those. >> what we're trying to do is find a way to get to people. >> reporter: saics one of four big employers who has signed on. management will have a campaign to urge workers not to text and drive while driving. especially in construction zones. >> our imperative to be responsive to business needs. they can do that safely by pulling to the side of the road to conduct business. >> rorter: some employees say if word come fom the boss, they're more likely to change their behavior. >> i think our executives are saying this is the rig thing to do, then our employees will feel the same way. and hopefully they'll follow the
5:48 pm
commitment as well. >> reporter: this commuter who once worked for insurance company that banned employees from talking while driving is skeptical. >> quite frankly, i didn't see where it made any difrence. >> reporter: the orange cones no, phones folks, they hope to win over the skeptics. they hope 100 company ll sign on to the pledge in the next 100 days. back to you. >> thanks. turning now to sports, dan hellie joinsus with the redskins' rewind against the nnessee titans. >> reporter: it is obvious the redski are struggling but they've come a lng way since the days of steve spurrier. it was during that spurrier era at they played the titans for the first time in nashville. in that game, a quarterback who was still in the league today, came off the bench as a rookie. to lead the way. lindsay czarniak has the latest
5:49 pm
redskins rewind. >> reporter: october 6, 2002. patrick. the redskins's cloudy arterback situation became crystal clear. he can't scramble away from e pressure, bangs up the shoulder and ends his day with a 3-0 lead. still in the first quarter, davis bruises his knee. the skins are looking for a leader themselves find one in patrick ramsey. after three miserable drives, the rookie leads the skin 90 yards. a final 20. a touchdown loss. skins up 10-7. >> to come in and play and perform like he did, exceptional. i give him all the praise for that. >> he shows a lot of poise out there and tookharge of the offense with the leaders in the huddle. you can't say enough about a guy making his first appearance.
5:50 pm
the kind of weight that he took on his shoulder. so hats off to him. >> reporter: more skins take a step up. first, steven davis returns. capped a 74-yard drive with a coyard drive. they lead 17-14. >> i wanted to play and i wanted to be out there with the guys. try to get that. be successful in what we were doing. the guys out front d a great job. patrick did a greatob receiving. >> this isn't a game for sissies. and we don't have any on our offense and i don't think we have any onour defense. so we're excited about the guys that whave and the way they're playing. >> reporter: ramsey gets some help from an old favorite. second and seven on the own 37. steve mcnair airs it out for kevin dyson but in steps red. one of the two on the day for smoot and he leads the day again. 72 yards and seven plays.
5:51 pm
the last, a 23-yard pass for a 24-14 lead. the final score comes with the signature spurrier play. ramsey, lateral to lock it. he fumbles it but quickly recovers and finds him all alone. the skins win 31-14 and find a new starting quarterback in patrick ramsey. >> i was disappointed with m first few drives. i don't remember if it was two or three. we couldn't win with three points. i expected to go in there and play as well as uld i possibly play. >> here and there, stepped up and hit a lot of good third down plays. i did not know he could do that. none of us did. we knew he could look good in practice but the game is a different story. he proved to us he can play. >> the old ball coach patrick ramsey did not lapse. he left the skin in 2005. he played r a slew of team. the jets, the broncos, the jaguars and call. days ago, he was picked up by
5:52 pm
the miami dolphins. wey, jim? >> thank you, dan. will he get another check of the forecast. the weather will get kind of wacky with thanksgiving this close. >> we've got some major change tentialfully store for next week. today's change was cooler weather. winds out of the west nest at 12 miles an hour. still gusty from time to time. 46 right now in frederick. 48 in sterling. down to 45 in manassas. down to about 32 in windchill. you're looking around 36 degrees overnight. inside the beltway, about 36. even with some sunshine, we'll warm. not a lot of wind out there but we'll see cool temperatures. a little warm order saturday. i think a nice day to start off the weekend with the high near 60 degrees. 52 on your sunday as cooler air
5:53 pm
moves in. saturday and sunday mornings will be very, very cool. many areas will be below freezing both mornings. then on monday, back to about 62 degrees as we get some warmer air once again. then the roller coaster continues into the mid topper 60s potentially on tuesday with a chance of showers and then we watch wednesday and thursday. there is the potential for a very big storm. the kind of storm that change our weather up in a big way. i'll tell you more about that. >> we know that. before you start your holiday shopping, you'll want to stay tuned for the next story. >>
5:54 pm
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for a lot of people, christmas shopping gets serious. the electron gadgets will be thetarget for a lot of people heading out on friday. >> mark talked to a tech expert about the five must have tech toys this holiday season. >> reporter: when it come to electronic gadgets for under the christmas tree, the tech website zeed in on the top five. the executive editor gauged website searches and twitter
5:57 pm
responses. >> the spect and the indle. >> reporter: it was the add-on to the x-box 360. >> you can see it has a camera here. it uses this camera and voice recognition to let you play games. just by moving your body or actually speaking to the console will. >> reporter: currently 17 games are available to get users off the couch. the wi-fi version of $139. >> way lighter and way smaller. and a lot of people find it is still easier to read book on this eink screen. it looks more like paper. >> reporter: apple's ipad grabbed a top five spot. that's the sexiest device of the year. >> great for video, kids absolutely love this thing. you can put art program and books and games on there. >> reporter: the other one is
5:58 pm
the notebook hybrid, the the matchbook. >> for people who want to look good and they want their gadgets to look good. >> reporter: at about $1,000, the size and shape has special appeal for travelers. >> it may be underpowered for a full fledged notebook or laptop but it is more powerful than a net book. >> reporter: rounding out the holiday pick, the $99 set top box. part of a wave have devices that bring elements of the internet to your tv. >> there is no monthly fee. you add all this other video to your existing cable description. >> reporter: another gadget option for under the tree. falling concrete, track troubles and a. problemsre all plaguing metro. >> lawmaker have rejected a move to sentence unemployment been
5:59 pm
fets. >>bed bugs have moved into the dorms at george washington use. we begin with the report of a wire fraud scheme that built morehan half a million from a program for at risk kids in d.c. >> good evening. a story that continue to develop at this hour. the executive director for a bosk center in northwest has en arrested by the fbi. he is accuse of using grant money for persal cruises and gambling it away in atlanta city. dorothy spencer joins us from northwest with more. >> the kids here at the gym call him coach keely. tonight he is accused of stealing money meant for the kids to help keep them off the streets and out of the gangs. the youth center remains open but has an uncertain future. the executive director of accused of taking $506,000 from the program since 2004.


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